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TNT checks out ‘Librarian’ again

TNT checks out ‘Librarian’ again —

The cable network has begun production on the third installment of its ”Librarian” franchise, with former ”ER” star Noah Wyle reprising his title role. The movie, titled ”The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice,” is scheduled to premiere in late 2008.

After a series of dreams leads him to New Orleans (where the film began production last week), he gets tangled up in a conspiracy involving both the chalice and the legendary vampire Count Vlad Dracula.

You know, I gotta say… if we’ve got some sort of “Dracula 2000” meets “Interview with the Vampire” thing going on here, I might just have to check this series out… the sheer WTF = epic curiosity.


My first “In the News” post!

Best to jump right in, I think…

So browsing through my RSS reader, I came across the headline of Canadian authors get over $9 million for library lending of their books via LISnews.

My first thought? This sounds terribly familiar.