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What’s that place for again?

I had a funny moment this morning. I was on Amazon and added some stuff to my cart, and noticed I had left a few books in there from several weeks ago.  They’re not too expensive, but I’m trying to be more frugal so I checked out the used copies.

It took me about a minute to realize I could just check the bloody library. Off to WorldCat I go! Unfortunately neither are at my public library, but the university library has it. I’ll have to check what the deal is with checking out books over the summer, because I sure as heck won’t have time to read it before the end of the semester.

It’s pretty funny though. I used to be really bad about buying books (though moreso when I had a steady paycheque than recently). I would buy them, either on impulse to make myself feel better (retail therapy!) or sometimes I’d even have researched them beforehand. But I almost never read them. I’m pretty depressed about that actually. I’ve got shelves and shelves full of books, and maybe a third of them haven’t been read thoroughly, or at all. Honestly, it’s a lot of wasted cash. But I’m not interested in selling most (if any) of them because I would like to read them at some point. I just need to make a conscious effort to turn the TV off in my spare time, and make the time. And on top of that — don’t buy, borrow. I shouldn’t be sacrificing the money or space at this time in my life.



I have a job interview for next week! Unfortunately it’s only temporary (for the summer) and it’s for Children’s Services… not exactly my interest or my strong point. But I do get along with kids (10+ years of babysitting will manage that!), so there’s hope. I just desperately need library experience, so anything is fine with me.