The drawbacks of Fake Reference

So in Reference class we’re currently on the assignment of “pretend to be a user and ask four different reference services the same question on a topic of your choosing, and compare your experiences.”

Not only did I make the mistake of consulting one of the head reference librarians in the university (although he did give a presentation in one class, I’m fairly sure, or at least hoping, that he didn’t recognize me… not to mention if you’re one of the department heads, of COURSE you’re going to give me the ideal Reference experience and I’ll have nothing to write about), I just HAD to go pick something I was really interested in, didn’t I? I’m collecting all of these call numbers and journal references and Medieval encyclopedias and I’m about to run into the stacks to get them and I have to remember that I am not actually doing a paper on Vikings in North America. *Facepalm*


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