So I’ve been tracking some books on my lists (by the way, is anyone else irritated by the fact it NEVER remembers your login for more than an hour or so, if that?), and one of them I had checked the stacks for last week but it wasn’t there, despite not being checked out or on hold. Okay, I figure, it’s on a cart somewhere, no big deal. I go back and check again last night after class, still not there. So I’m going to be a good user and go report it missing. Go down to the circ desk. Tell the guy I would like to report a book missing. Some other guy who’s also in the MLIS program is also behind the desk off to the side, shouts over and says “Don’t help her, she’s a library student!” to which I mock sneer (as anyone would), and thus have been outed as a MLIS student. Meanwhile, the guy has looked up the information for the book I’m missing.

“Says it’s in the stacks. It’s on the other campus. Would you like it shipped here?”


Because I apparently can’t read the name of the library that the call number is listed under. And I’m going to be a bloody librarian. Faaaaaaaaantastic…


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