I can has teh spellings plz?

I happened to be checking my Flickr account, reading the FAQ documentation on Mobile phone uploads when I came across the spelling of “teh” in the FAQ entry, complete with link to Wikipedia. I think it’s pretty funny how certain l33tsp34k and LOLisms are becoming a part of the every day language (you should see my class and reading notes, full of “O RLY’s?” and “NO WAI’s” when I’m trying to analyze something critically). And actually, I was getting pissed off at MS Word the other day because while trying to take notes in class, it kept auto-correcting me. And yet somehow, I’m still capable of constructing a complete sentence with proper punctuation…

Then again, I’m also one of about three people I know who use complete sentences and proper punctuation while sending text messages. I also hate text messaging.

Oh hai, what duz this MEEN???

(This pointless entry brought to you by spending too much time in the graduate study lounge…)


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