Welcome back

Blogging hiatuses aren’t worth pointing out or dwelling on, but I never said I had the best ideas.

Finals time approaches and I’m completely unprepared! It’s been a long semester.

Work at the circulation desk goes well.

More on this later.


Oh hai, I survived.

So, school has ended. Still waiting for the grades to come in, but things look good and I’m optimistic! The past few days though I’ve been rather bored, it’s weird not having anything school-related to do, because even though I’ve accomplished several small things, I still feel useless.

My public library summer job starts tomorrow. I’m pretty apprehensive about it. I’ve never worked in a library before, and to be quite honest (which I wasn’t when I went for the interview! ;)), I’m kind of uncomfortable working with the public. Or at least, I will be until I get used to it. I have worked retail before, so it’s not like I’ve never dealt with wacky and/or unreasonable customers, but that was several years ago. I’m definitely looking forward to having a paycheck again, I MUST say. But I think it’s really important that I get this experience, so I’m going to grit my teeth and bear it through the uncomfortable parts. And hopefully I’ll enjoy myself in the long run.

What’s that place for again?

I had a funny moment this morning. I was on Amazon and added some stuff to my cart, and noticed I had left a few books in there from several weeks ago.  They’re not too expensive, but I’m trying to be more frugal so I checked out the used copies.

It took me about a minute to realize I could just check the bloody library. Off to WorldCat I go! Unfortunately neither are at my public library, but the university library has it. I’ll have to check what the deal is with checking out books over the summer, because I sure as heck won’t have time to read it before the end of the semester.

It’s pretty funny though. I used to be really bad about buying books (though moreso when I had a steady paycheque than recently). I would buy them, either on impulse to make myself feel better (retail therapy!) or sometimes I’d even have researched them beforehand. But I almost never read them. I’m pretty depressed about that actually. I’ve got shelves and shelves full of books, and maybe a third of them haven’t been read thoroughly, or at all. Honestly, it’s a lot of wasted cash. But I’m not interested in selling most (if any) of them because I would like to read them at some point. I just need to make a conscious effort to turn the TV off in my spare time, and make the time. And on top of that — don’t buy, borrow. I shouldn’t be sacrificing the money or space at this time in my life.


I have a job interview for next week! Unfortunately it’s only temporary (for the summer) and it’s for Children’s Services… not exactly my interest or my strong point. But I do get along with kids (10+ years of babysitting will manage that!), so there’s hope. I just desperately need library experience, so anything is fine with me.

Dude! Not cool!

So my macbook’s hard drive just… died. Died dead.

Now, I have been knocking on every peice of wood I have encountered since that I backed up everything on it last Wednesday (when I had to take it in to the Apple store for unrelated fan issues) and haven’t used it much since then since we’re on spring break now.

I was, however, working on re-doing my IPL practice question all morning, and now that’s gone. So I suppose that since this could’ve been a case of EPIC FAIL of MASSIVE PROPORTIONS, I really lucked out I mean really lucked out. I haven’t even started retyping my notes that I had written by hand in classes last week.

Of course, I’m now consumed by teh Lazy and don’t want to start the IPL question over. At least it’s the practice question…

TNT checks out ‘Librarian’ again

TNT checks out ‘Librarian’ again — themorningcall.com

The cable network has begun production on the third installment of its ”Librarian” franchise, with former ”ER” star Noah Wyle reprising his title role. The movie, titled ”The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice,” is scheduled to premiere in late 2008.

After a series of dreams leads him to New Orleans (where the film began production last week), he gets tangled up in a conspiracy involving both the chalice and the legendary vampire Count Vlad Dracula.

You know, I gotta say… if we’ve got some sort of “Dracula 2000” meets “Interview with the Vampire” thing going on here, I might just have to check this series out… the sheer WTF = epic curiosity.

It’s that time again…

I think I’ve hit burnout this week. It’s appropriate timing though, only two weeks (a week and a half?) until Spring Break, so I actually am rather impressed that I’ve managed to keep up on everything until now (well, on almost everything… everything that needed to be handed in, anyway), but last night was the first time that I didn’t hand in something on-time. I had a quasi-legitimate excuse (had some rather Big and Legitimately Important Social Events over the weekend), which I submitted with 1/2 of the weekly assignment, and I’ll get the other 1/2 done sometime today.  But yeah, I’ve kind of lost a bulk of my motivation. It’s a little frustrating, but I suppose it’s understandable.

“American Gods” via HarperCollins

As any loyal reader of Neil Gaiman’s Blog already knows, Harper Collins had a vote on which of Neil’s books should be made available for free online. Like Neil said in the post announcing the decision, I’m surprised that people chose American Gods as well, even though it’s my second favorite (next to Neverwhere)–it’s a bit long to be read online! I had personally voted for Smoke and Mirrors… short stories are much easier to read online, and I would think that the short length would be more able to bring in new readers. But what’s done is done, and hopefully a number of people will be reading it! I’ll stick with  my hard copy…

Commence summer employment search…

Well, here it goes… my resume has officially been updated (completely, for real this time), I’ve registered my e-mail for the job list for the county library system, I submitted my info for one internship I saw advertised on a listserv, and sent an e-mail to the local historical society about internships regarding archival or library work. I’m going to have to hit up career services at my school next week for something slightly-more-serious (and maybe, gasp, something that will actually pay me?)

The drawbacks of Fake Reference

So in Reference class we’re currently on the assignment of “pretend to be a user and ask four different reference services the same question on a topic of your choosing, and compare your experiences.”

Not only did I make the mistake of consulting one of the head reference librarians in the university (although he did give a presentation in one class, I’m fairly sure, or at least hoping, that he didn’t recognize me… not to mention if you’re one of the department heads, of COURSE you’re going to give me the ideal Reference experience and I’ll have nothing to write about), I just HAD to go pick something I was really interested in, didn’t I? I’m collecting all of these call numbers and journal references and Medieval encyclopedias and I’m about to run into the stacks to get them and I have to remember that I am not actually doing a paper on Vikings in North America. *Facepalm*

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